5.5 Million Boring Resumes – Is Yours One of Them?

During the course of my career, I’ve been involved with sourcing, screening and selecting candidates and participating in hiring decisions quite a few times. Enough so, that I’ve seen more than my fair share of resumes and online profiles.

It’s probably safe to estimate for every hundred positions filled, there were at least 3 to10 times as many applicants to sort through. Kind of baffling to do the calculations, but that is a lot of resumes!

In addition to dealing with recruiting and HR related resume viewing, I’ve been a freelance resume writer for approximately 15 years. Likewise, I’ve volunteered as a resume evaluator at several career fairs. And, of course countless people have sent me unsolicited resumes along the way as well.

One of the most common observations is that the vast majority of resumes are in need of improvement in some way or another. Aside from the obvious deal-breakers such as dreadful grammar, typos, spelling mistakes, improper word usage, incorrect verb tense, random capitalization and inconsistent fonts and formatting, there are plenty of other ways that people fail to make a positive first impression.

A main theme that I notice is the over-use of stale, bland and cliché phrases and terms that makes practically everyone look and sound the same. A few examples are listed below.

And, to show just how often these appear, I did a quick word search on LinkedIn and included the number of profiles that came up with those words.

Seasoned – 161,838

Results-oriented – 204,493

Proven track-record – 251,496

Team player – 395,014

Responsible for – 5,582,191

Take a quick look at your own resume or LinkedIn profile to see if you are inadvertently making yourself sound generic, boring and dull by using any of the above. If 5.5 Million+ people are saying they were “responsible for” something (what they were supposed to do), how about YOU stand out by showing what you (actually did) “achieved or accomplished” in your professional life?

And, you can also save the “seasoning” for your next backyard BBQ where you can brag about your Olympic medals demonstrating your “proven track record” as a “results-oriented, team player.”

Article by Kelly Blokdijk ~ As a Talent Optimization Coach & Consultant with TalentTalks, Kelly thrives on “Creating a Voice for Talent” by partnering with business professionals and job seekers to build competitive career marketing strategies, customized communication materials and compelling personal branding campaigns to create a lasting positive impression. TalentTalks consults with the business community on innovative, leading-edge human resource and organization development initiatives to enhance talent management, talent acquisition, corporate communications and employee engagement programs. TalentTalks routinely posts employment market and job search related content on Facebook and Twitter – fans and followers welcome!



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