Five hints to tell if you are considered A-level talent…

These days, there is a whole lot of buzz percolating about the job market spiking back up – SOON! If and when it does, will you be on the “call first” list or on the other list? If you are not sure, here are few things to consider…

1) During the “great recession” have you received periodic or frequent contacts from people who didn’t realize that you might be willing to consider new opportunities?

2) Do staffing professional(s) and search firm(s) strive to engage you (before the competition does) for potential opportunities even without complete details from hiring company or hiring decision makers?

3) Is the screening process adapted according to your situation to woo you rather than a series of hoops to show your jumping abilities? For example, are interviews scheduled to accommodate your preferences and availability?

4) Have you been getting job leads from multiple unexpected and unsolicited sources? Or, are you relying on your daily or weekly job board alerts?

5) Are you hearing from people who heard about you from someone else? For instance, are mutual contacts on LinkedIn reaching out to get to know you and establish a connection?

If any of the above has not happened in the distant or recent past, you may want to evaluate they way you are presenting yourself in person, online and on paper. Remember: “You only have one chance to make a first impression.”

Top talent is always in demand regardless of state of the job market. Make sure you understand what that means to those who decide who they plan to call when the time comes.

Article by Kelly Blokdijk ~ As a Talent Optimization Coach & Consultant with TalentTalks, Kelly thrives on “Creating a Voice for Talent” by partnering with business professionals and job seekers to build competitive career marketing strategies, customized communication materials and compelling personal branding campaigns to create a lasting positive impression. TalentTalks consults with the business community on innovative, leading-edge human resource and organization development initiatives to enhance talent management, talent acquisition, corporate communications and employee engagement programs. TalentTalks routinely posts employment market and job search related content on Facebook and Twitter – fans and followers welcome!


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