27 days from ousted to offer!

With so many people struggling through the woes of unemployment and the arduous steps involved with job search, I wanted to post a recent success story of someone in my immediate network. Briefly, here is the scenario: Ralph always a solid and top-performing contributor, suddenly and unexpectedly lost his job approximately 27 days ago. Rather than succumb to myriad distractions and excuses, Ralph decided to get focused and take immediate action.

Recognizing the importance of an up-to-date set of targeted career marketing materials and contemporary search strategies, he engaged my support to build a resume that would attract and keep the attention of prospective employers in his highly competitive industry. Even though his reputation and history of achievements spoke for itself, he wanted to ensure that his all aspects of his tangible and intangible branding package reflected the image and approach consistent with a serious professional at his level. After a few conversations to understand and clarify his goals, next steps were put into place. His drive and ambition took over from there…

A few of the basic strategies he went with might be helpful to others. First he reached out to his closest, current professional contacts. He then expanded his scope to incorporate those from the next layer of his network, including former employers, colleagues, vendors and other industry connections. Within a few days, Ralph already had numerous phone conversations and even a few in person interviews underway.

Not one to let up, Ralph incorporated an open-mindset enabling him to explore, consider and pursue opportunities beyond what would have been in his natural comfort-zone. What this did was create momentum and confidence needed to persevere through inevitable disappointment and set-backs. In a very short period of time, several options materialized which gave Ralph motivation to build upon.

Ralph’s aggressive and fearless start to his job search was impressive to watch. While I had no doubt that he would land somewhere soon, I was particularly pleased that he did so, literally within less than a month. The lesson here is that, rather than sit around worrying about the economy, job market or competition, Ralph chose to place his attention on the areas he could control – his efforts, energy and resources remained undeterred by those things that others in his situation would easily blame for their job search challenges.

Of course, Ralph’s outcome may appear to be an outlier or exception to most job seekers’ experiences, but it does prove that a few simple concepts blended with persistence can bring valuable ROI. He went from being ousted to receiving and accepting an offer within fewer than 30 days total. His new position is comparable to the one previously held and fits nicely with his career progression. Way to go, Ralph!

Sending all of you much encouragement and optimism in your search!

Kelly Blokdijk
Talent Optimization Coach & Consultant

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