13 ways to tell if your job search will be lucky or lame…

We all know people who seem to have all of the luck in the world. Dream jobs seem to “find them” without any effort! As with many things in life, there is an element of “luck” when it comes to conducting a successful job search. Sometimes, it can be a matter of being in the right place at the right time. Other times, it takes focus and creativity to generate desired results.

It may seem obvious that there is plenty of work involved in the job search process, but it doesn’t have to be complicated or confusing. Common sense should play a role… However, there are some really “lame” mistakes job seekers tend to make. Here are few things to keep in mind to avoid being lame and to improve chances for luck to come your way…

#1 – your resume has an objective that says: “looking for a challenging opportunity to use my skills and experience.” (lame)

#2 – your cover letter … wait, what cover letter? (lame)

#3 – your interview response to “tell me about your weaknesses” is: “I am a perfectionist and a workaholic.” (lame)

#4 – your job search strategy consists of posting your resume online. (lame)

#5 – your resume lists several bullets that start with “responsible for…” (lame)

#6 – your wardrobe for job fairs, interviews, networking, etc., is no different than for washing the car. (lame)

#7 – your resume is targeted, focused and tailored for your future opportunity. (lucky)

#8 – your cover letter… (yes, you actually have/use one) is supportive of your strengths and skills related to each position applied for. (lucky)

#9 – your interview responses to questions about weaknesses or anything else are thoughtful, original and most importantly tell the employer why they should hire you. (lucky)

#10 – your job search strategy is multi-faceted and getting more results each day due to the proactive efforts you are taking. (lucky)

#11 – your resume highlights accomplishments, achievements, results and information which markets you effectively. (lucky)

#12 – your wardrobe for interviews screams professional, polished and ready for business. (lucky)

#13 – you incorporate all of the available resources, information and tools (such as TalentTalks’ Talent Optimization Blog) to set yourself apart from the competition. (lucky)

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